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My Reading Manga is no longer consider a pop culture. It has established a foothold in the mainstream entertainment media. You can find such evidence in media outlets such as movies, television and books. Today Japanese Manga is not lump together in the same category such as cartoons and kid’s shows. You have American cutesy cartoons such as Tom and Jerry and then there are adventure pack, often bloody animations such as Akira. Japanese Manga can be graphic and violent. And it can be cute and non violent. If you’ve watched enough Manga and have become a true fan than maybe you’ve felt that urge in your hands to pick up a pencil and draw. If that has happened then you are not alone. Japanese Manga has excited and thrilled a new generation of young talented artist and potential Manga masters.

Japanese Manga has many different styles just like traditional paintings. Certain Manga characteristics have exaggerated physical proportions such as large heads, short legs and arms with a squat torso to bring everything together. This Manga drawing style is call “Chibi”. You can find examples of Chibi drawings from the popular animated series “Naruto”. And some are perfectly proportion as if they were actual human beings.

Then there are the more upscale Manga animations such as the popular movie “Appleseed”. In this animation you will find the characters are drawn more realisticly with a certain Manga flair. After all if we’d want to watch actual humans we would watch a live film. Though the movie “Akira” was done through Computer Generate Imagery (CGI), the underlying details are all still fill with Manga style and essence.

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