Shea Butter For Dry Skin

Shea Butter: Itchy, dry skin is more than irritating. It is annoying. It can also make you nervous while at the same time make your skin red and scaly looking. But what can you do to treat and prevent this very aggravating and common condition from occurring and reoccurring?

First, you may want to figure out the reason your skin is so dry and itchy. Is it because of the weather? It is because there is a lack of humidity in your surroundings. Could you have a skin condition that needs to be treated by a doctor? This could include an allergic reaction to one or many things.

There are many allergens and other substances that your skin comes into contact with on a daily basis that can cause your skin to become dry. Some of the most common of these are: harsh detergents and your water (yes, most homes have what is considered to be hard water.) As the name applies it can hard or harsh to your skin, as well as to your hair. This type of water contains many impurities which can cause your skin to become dry.

You may need to see a physician, especially if you think you may have a major skin condition, an allergic reaction (if a rash is also present this could be an indication) or if your skin is getting worse. Your physician may prescribe one of many medications to help treat the allergy, skin condition and the itchiness.

If you think it is because of your environmental conditions, you may want to consider adding a humidifier to your surroundings, if it is possible. But if you think your dry skin is not that serious, as of yet and is still treatable by you, there are a number of at home remedies that you can try.

1. Moisturize your skin Look for products that are make for dry, yet sensitive skin. Use moisturizing products all year long. Remember they may even help prevent wrinkles. A great option is Shea Butter which is loaded with essential fatty acids, anti-oxidants and phytonutrients to deeply moisturize the skin. Just place some in your hands first and allow it to warm. Then it can spread quicker. You can apply this at night and wake up with softer, more moisturized skin by morning.

2. Drinking more water If your body isn’t getting enough water inside of it, your skin will become dry. Then it will not matter how much lotions and potions you apply to it, it will remain that way. You know they say you should drink from 6 to 8 eight ounce glasses a day. Strive for as close to this as you can.

3. Is your skin extremely dry? Try this messy method. Take a warm bath. Then after partially drying off, apply thick liberal layers of Shea Butter all over your skin. Now promptly put on your pajamas and go to bed. You will wake up with really soft, supple glowing skin with a velvety texture.

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