What You Need to Know About iTop Screen Recorder

iTop Screen Recorder or DVR’s record videos that are in digital format to a medium. A disk drive is a sample of this medium. These video recorders come in the form of stand-alone set-top boxes that are connected to a monitor or television set for viewing. By connecting a digital video recorder to your video surveillance system, you can easily record the images captured by your security camera.


Unlike the VCR and other older methods, the DVR can impress you with its wide array of functions and benefits. For one thing, you can store more video footages when you use a digital video recorder since the video is compressed onto a hard drive.

Another advantage of using a digital video recorder is having more viewing and recording options. Recording only when there is motion is most popular but scheduled and alarm recording are also available. Being able to mark the footages that you store can make it easier for you to find them later on. There’s no more need for you to go through piles of video tapes just to find the footage that you are looking for. With an IP-based digital video recorder, you also have the option of sending video feeds over the Internet allowing you to view them wherever you go. This system is usually used by BPO companies for monitoring their employees all over the world.

With a DVR, you also have the option of storing the footage taken by more than one camera at the same time. You can also view more than one camera on your monitor during live or playback mode. You just need to choose a recorder that has the number of channels that you need. This benefit is not available in conventional recording devices like VCR’s.

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