Fantasy Life game helps you to play real life in game

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Fantasy Life is the real world famous game for PC. The PC game series has taken the world by storm, becoming best-selling PC game series in history.

Unfortunately, the games and their many pricey expansions have put it out of reach of the casual gamer. However, there are a few similar casual simulation games that try to cover some of the themes and mechanics. It made popular in the Sims, and thankfully for a mere fraction of the cost. These casual games can be categorized as either time management or strategy games. But it is more accurate to consider them as simulation games, specifically of the life-simulation variety. They focus on what you do once you enter the “real world”. You have to get a job, find a place to live, go to college, get in a relationship etc .Even all the mundane stuff such as feeding and entertaining yourself.

What is in game?

The games usually take place entirely in a small self-contained town, where everything you need is within walking distance. The progression in these games invariably requires you to get better and better jobs, upgrade to huge condos. Fill those condos with as many gadgets and luxury items as you can. It is basically a way to “experience” a different kind of lifestyle from what you have in real life. Perhaps choosing a different career path or taking chances that you missed. While the premise is the same, My Life Story focuses more on your personal needs than the career progression. You still advance through your chosen career path, but there are fewer options and the requirement for progression is basically spending time in college and gaining job experience. The focus is more on the levels of your happiness, hunger, energy, health and fun.

Best game to play online:

Fantasy Life is arguably one of the best life simulation casual games out there at the moment. Its main selling point is vast selection of options that you have in terms of career path and lifestyle selection. It allows you to create any life story you can think of. In Life, you have to manage your time and happiness, as well as three skill paths: charm, intellect and practicality. Your training and experience in these skills will determine what careers you are eligible for. You will need charm for jobs such as sales or dance, while intellect is required for education-related jobs. Practicality is required for technical jobs such as the mechanic. With training in your choice of skills, you will be able to advance through the available jobs and settle down. Live your love of your life in your fancy mansion.

Rather than having skills that you train, this time each career has different prerequisites. For example a waiter job requires you to take a course in restaurant service before you can apply for it. The life simulation game genre is not as widely-known as other casual games. There are gems here that are very entertaining and definitely worth checking out.

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