Connect dream pet Link and clear the board

Play Dream Pet Link with your friends in free time online available on internet. Although its roots can be traced, dream per link is a game that is enjoyed all over the world.

The original game of mahjong consists of four players and a set of 140 mahjong tiles. The aim of this game is to draw tiles and discard them before any of the opponents can do it. Now many versions of dream pet link are available and one can choose whichever suits him best. Dream pet link is one of the variations of the game and involves 140 tiles. A player is required to remove all the tiles from the board in the form of pairs. The game ends when no tiles are left on the board. This game can be played by an individual and does not require 4 players.

How to play?

The game starts with set of 140 tiles that are neatly arranged in 10 rows. Each row has got 14 tiles in it. Two identical tiles are to be connected through a path and then the tiles can be removed from the board. As the tiles must be connected using a pathway, the number of moves a player can make gets limited. It is required for a player to analyze his moves before taking any step. If tile can be paired with two tiles at time, player should analyze which tiles will be freed for move. What subsequent steps can be taken? Based on this, the tile should be paired with one of the tiles. Your moves should enable you to make more pairs and not get stuck. This game is very helpful for sharpening analytical and problem solving skills. You have to play this game in your free time.

Play it online:

With the advent of the internet, It can easily be played online, without the need of any downloads or registrations. All you require is a flash player. The game loads by itself and once you start, the tiles get arranged by the computer. The layout will change every time you start a new game. In order to win the game, you must discard the tiles within the allotted time. If you are going to play dream pet link games on a computer, the game is somewhat different. Usually, you play a game that is timed and in order to win the game. You will have to match all the tiles before your time is up. If you are looking for game that will help challenge your brain activity, then dream pet link is for you. You must have to visit the website on internet and have to play the game.

This game usually consists of a hundred and forty tiles arranged in a certain shape. Basically, the arrangement is in such a manner that fourteen tiles will be arranged horizontally in rows. As well as having ten tiles arranged vertically in rows. Unlike the original game, the Mahjong Connect 2 game features all the tiles found in the complete set.

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