Which Acim Podcast Was It?

Have you ever experienced Acim Podcast? On one hand you can always say, “YES!” merely because you are breathing. It is God alone who sustains our every breath. But maybe there are those of you who can honestly say, “Yes, God did an amazing miracle in my life!”

The Bible is full of miracles that happened to people just like you and me. Here is a fun Bible game to help get your kids thinking about God’s many miracles that I call “Which Miracle Was It?” Just follow the directions and have some fun.

How the game is played: You will need to divide your class into 2 teams and provide each team with a Bible. The two teams will be on one side of the room while the teacher is on the other side. The game will be a bit more fun if you can play it in a large room, so that the kids have a bit of a distance to run.

The teacher begins the game by saying, “I am holding 2 cards. The miracle on this card is the miracle of the burning bush. The miracle on this card is the miracle of Moses’ leprous hand. The Bible passage you are to look up is Exodus 3:1-14. Which miracle was it? Ready, set, GO!”

On the word “GO!” each team picks up their Bible and tries to find the Bible passage as quick as possible. They will read it and try and figure out which miracle is being presented. The first team who thinks they know what the miracle is should send someone running to the teacher and grab the card they think is right. If they picked the correct card, that team gets 100 points. If they get it wrong, the other team gets 100 points.

Here’s what you need to prepare: I’ve provided you with a list of miracles found in the Bible along with 2 options. You will write the options on 2 different cards. If you can, I suggest you make these on your computer with some colorful pictures, but writing them will also be fine. You might want to laminate the cards for long-term use. Keep the list of references near you as you play the game.

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