A Course In Miracles – Being A Fearless Ministry Leader

A Course In Miracles: There is a unique challenge to building a ministry that can leave ministers susceptible to fear that other Christians may not have to deal with on a regular basis.

Being fearless is not being strong; it is not putting on a smile no matter what; it is not feeling your fear and pushing through it – a definition of courage I have heard time and time again.  Fearlessness is the total absence of fear. You must first be fearless for faith to enter in and manifest. Being fearless is the precursor to living in 100% belief and faith in the Word of God and operating in the works of Jesus upon the earth. We must have faith because it is the substance that activates heaven to come into alignment upon the earth.

The definition of fear that the Holy Spirit gave me is the lack of surrender and submission to God. God allows fear to illuminate the areas in which you don’t believe Him. If He did not allow fear, you would think you were okay and have no internal barometer to clearly identify the areas in which your faith is lacking. Fear is a spiritual issue. It cannot be dealt with in the natural realm alone. It doesn’t matter how many affirmations, memorizing bible verses, or positive self-talk you try to apply to fear, it does not work. You may get relief for a little while, but the fear will still be there.

When you move into fearlessness, you literally become untouchable by anything of the world. This includes Satan, any man, any circumstance – you become unmovable to the things of the natural realm. There is no financial challenge, there is no health challenge, there is nothing that can shake you. When you begin to walk through the gateway of fearlessness into the Kingdom of God, God commands Satan to take his hands off of you. We begin to operate from our Heavenly position and become operate in oneness with Christ Jesus and the Father. This is where you are to live constantly as a minister of His Word.

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