Persona 5 Characters Fusion Guideline

Have you heard of the game Persona 5 Characters? It’s ideal for players who like to scavenge through role-playing games.

The story revolves around a bunch of teenagers who fight evil, to explain in simpler words. These teenagers are students who use their newfound powers to subdue evil activities that run amok in human society.

As you progress through the game, the challenges will get tougher, hence staying equipped with the features provided by the game is a must.

This is where Persona Fusion pitches in to make your job easier. The notion of fusions being useless has been prevalent but they are useful owing to several reasons.

Searching for Personas will yield you results, however, they will not live up to your expectations since you will require powerful personas at a later stage in the game, sooner or later.

By fusing, you can create strong personas to make your ground easily.

There are different types of fusions one is allowed to do, we’ll brush through them in a bit.

But first, let’s explain how to fuse Personas.

Run to the Velvet room and simply, use the persona fusion. You need to ascertain that your inventory has enough to process a fusion.

Throughout the game, you will receive and capture Personas, through battle and in the wild. Don’t throw them away yet. Fuse repeatedly till you reach a point where a potent Persona is sitting at your aisle.

Fused Personas are stronger, they receive experience based on your corresponding confidant levels and you can gain additional experience as they level up alongside you.

Now let’s get to the types of Persona fusions you can and should do.


Normal Fusion:

This is the simplest one. You fuse two Personas and create a result. This is helpful to eradicate futile Personas and to create extra space in your inventory.


Advanced Fusion:

A bit technical, but effective. Pick out three or more Personas and fuse them. But this type of fusion will create high-level Personas that might not fit your needs.


Fuse by the result:

Clear your inventory with ease by going for this option. Additionally, you are allowed customization, in that, you can review all the personas that can be created from the ones you have currently equipped and sorted them by level to your liking.


Network fusion:

Send one Persona (per day) into the ether and fuse with a random Persona sent from another player to obtain a completely random result, either a win or a loss.

There are a few instructions you should know before you fuse Personas.

Don’t rely on one Persona just because you’ve grown accustomed to it. Start fusing them by the result to receive the best Personas out there.

Remember to use “fuse by the result” so that you can have greater authority over the results of your fusion. This way, you won’t receive higher or lower level Personas that either you can’t use or don’t use, respectively.

Register Personas as you go. Don’t forget to complete this act, as players do miss out on these minute details and this prevents them from enjoying the game to the fullest.

Additionally, fusion also allows you to create an army of your own. What do I mean by that?

In the game, you need to have a variety of attacks to defeat different types of enemies. For this purpose, having a choice between attacks is necessary. This is why you need to choose different attacks from the component Persona 5 Characters to arrive at a new Persona Fusion

Fuse and create new Personas to steer swiftly through the game. Let us know how helpful this article was to you.

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