Best bubble mouse blast game for fun and enjoy

Bubble mouse blast game is very exciting to play; it’s so simple yet very enjoyable. It is a shooter game where balls have to be shot at colored bubbles with a virtual arrow key.

This game comes in many versions and styles. It also has special playing editions. Most games involving shooting of bubbles can easily download and play on Windows and Mac. They can also be operate on Linux systems. Many iPhones have the facility to download these shooting games. Online bubble shooting is also available in PDA style. Whatever method a player may prefer to play but these games are a real fun to play. They can play by all people comprising kids, youngsters and adults. Bubble style games are easy to play and have simple rules. Players often become attached and addictive to them after playing them for the first time.

Best bubble shooter games:

Many players call this game as “Bubble Shooter” as it involves shooting bubbles. This game is based on flash player and is very easy to operate. It is full of fun to play and requires no rules of special skills to play. The players using this game have to shoot and blast bubbles. The larger is the shooting of bubbles; more will be the playing score. But players should not allow any bubble to fall on the base, this would end the game. The game has to be restart again. Kids can see very often blasting online bubbles, they just love doing so. The bubbles are shot with the help of a cannon gun seen as an arrow. This cannon gun is operate with the help of computer mouse. By clicking the mouse one bullet can shot at any bubble.

How to play?

The best way to pop many bubbles is to shooting 3 or 4 having same color at a time. The virtual shooting cannon used in bubble game shows the next color of which concerned bubble needs to be shot. The arrow shape cannon can be easily aim at any bubble. One can blast as many bubbles by repeatedly clicking on the mouse. However to score a high rank players should shoot those bubbles quickly which are. One important rule to remember while playing bubbles is that the game wall acts like a mirror.

If a bubble is shot directing it to the wall, it may not stick to the wall and may fall down. Bubble game has a methodology that involves straight forward playing. These games are simple to play. All one has to do is shooting bubbles of indicated color with the help of an arrow shaped canon gun. Bubble game can enjoy by anyone.

Try this game for once:

Daydreaming of becoming this generation’s ultimate bubble hero? Stop sticking to that reverie and start building your own bubble kingdom by playing today’s heartiest bubble game, Bubble Blaster. The game is play a lot like Bubble Shooter; hence it is often dubbed as a spin-off of the game. As a timeless favorite, the game has gained worldwide popularity and user followings.


                                    Playing the game is easy; it has simple instructions to follow through. The main objective of the game is to eliminate all bubbles displayed on the play area. Bubbles are only blasted off out of the screen if they are of the same color. They are group together by three or more. Bubble clusters should not get too far down the play arena; if they do the player loses the game. Just ensure that clusters are kept above the danger line to continue playing a level.


Marathon: After a set number of misses, the bubble clusters will drop a row. So players must shoot bubbles wisely to avoid missing shots.


To hit target bubbles located in hard to reach areas (those that are on the backside of frontline bubbles). Players can opt to shoot against the walls of the play area to set the direction of bubbles at an angle. Furthermore, eliminating bigger groups of bubbles give higher points. So forget about playing safe by hitting only easy targets such as group of threes.


When playing this mode, players need to shoot bubbles strategically to ensure that rows do not fall rapidly. They are actually the ones controlling the row drops of the game. Since color of next bubble to be shot is display also it is possible for players to plan their game ahead.

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