Who Is Jesus Really?

Who Is Jesus Really?: Being a Christian for over 45 years now and a willfully surrendered believer for over 20 years, you would think I would have learned something about who Jesus really is by now.

After some time in prayer doing my normal, “help me succeed in what I’m doing'” thing, I felt the Lord impress a truth to me.

“Your prayer for success is your problem. Praying for your ‘deals’ to come through is no more than a prayer of independence from God.”

When I say, “Oh Lord, help me succeed”, what I am really saying is ‘I worry that if I don’t get a certain thing accomplished I will be hurting and in trouble”.

While recently praying my normal selfish prayer, I heard the words so clearly, “Oh ye of little faith. Look at the lilies. They do not fret about who will take care of them. Don’t you know you are far more valuable?” I believe the key to success and true happiness is ‘faith’ in Him, not ourselves. Who really is this Jesus we cry out to day and night?

I remember the Ten Commandments movie with Charlton Heston. He is on the mountain and says to the Burning Bush, “Who shall I say sent me? What is your name?”


So many say they believe in Jesus, yet they also say there are many ways to God. Jesus told the religious rulers of His day that Abraham “saw my day and rejoiced”. Then they knew He was crazy. “You’re not even 50 years old, how could that be?”

His answer was with words that have drawn an eternal line in the sand. “BEFORE ABRAHAM WAS, I AM”

Please listen to me. If you are a Christian driven to succeed consider this. True success, fulfillment and happiness, is knowing who Jesus really is, and trusting in Him. When the apostles asked Jesus what they needed to do to go to heaven His answer was short and sweet. “Believe on Him whom God hath sent” The Burning Bush, The Mighty God, The Price of Peace, The Everlasting Father, The Great I AM!

May we repent of this modern day Christian movement of selfish independence, and get back to depending on the Great I AM! Lastly, to the non-Christian I say this. The line has been drawn. You either believe He is the Great I AM or not. There is no neutral zone. Jesus said, He that is not with Me, in against me. If you have not received His words as truth, you have decided already what side of the line you will stand on for eternity, against Jesus. But there is good news. He says, “if anyone comes to Me, I will not reject them.” You can still step over the line and receive eternal life.

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