Party Games-Farewell and Married Couples

When you are planning a party, you should manage all other facilities which you want to give the guests. Either it is food or sitting arrangements or other entertainment activities. With the party something entraining should be done which gives happiness to all kids as well as a young one. You should plan the games according to the part topic and theme. Games should be relevant to the idea that they can enjoy everyone in the party.

In this article, we are discussing Farewell party games and party games married couples. Each theme and party topic has its games and how it plays all are here.

Farewell Party Games

It is arranged between the friends and as well as honour person that spent a memorable time with each other and now they leave to one another. This party games play when you move a college life, jobs affair or any other part of life which you never turn back and want to save many memories all are here.

Guess who: when you are passing your time with another one you will pick up all his activities which he has done. To write your close one activity and say to guess who is he.

Passing the parcel: to play this game, you should gather all guest in the circle and bypass the box to the next one who is sitting with you. When music stop and parcel running process are also stop, and the person who has the parcel in hand gives a task to perform.

Truth or dare: This game has two topics, and it is in your hand which one you want to pick. Reality means you are saying true and not tell a lie and dare means you want to do what say your friends.

Party Games Married Couple

The couple is a blessing of God that you are living with each other. Party for the couple will be held in the night and games in privacy also. You should want to get closer in the games that create more loves and affection and memorable for both. A Married couple of married games are here.

Who knows: In this game someone does a question that is relevant to each other and judge from both people in a couple who know better to each other.

Romantic poetry: Chose a 3-4 couple and said them to speak a romantic poem for his or her mate and give an attractive price to who which has the most passionate and heart touching poem.

Kiss of: As its game name shows that couple should kiss with each other either on lips on head and cheeks it’s a couple of choices.

Final words

It is all about party games. If you want to plan any party at your home that is farewell and married couple party pick above mentioning game and enjoy yourself as well as entertain the guests. Everyone should experience the game and try to adopt in life. Please share your views in the comment box which game you like most and which one you want to try. You can visit our website for more Party Games :

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