Pair Two JBL Speakers

The JBL wall speakers have become very popular due to some of their specific features. Which cannot found in the traditional wall mount speakers. In this article, we will discuss two of the most popular Pair Two JBL speakers of the wall mount type – the Control 126W and Control 128W.

The key features of these two types of wall speakers are as follows: they have a blending design with minimal visibility. They have a high power output, and they are easy to mount in standard wall construction. The JBL Control 126W and 128W are first-class speakers with a high quality audio performance. These systems are tough enough for a continuous sound output with high sound pressure.

The Control 126W and Control 128W have high-quality polymer-coated aluminum woofers. Their pure butyl rubber provides reliability and long life cycle. The magnetic assembly with a large core provides increased reliability. The dome HF (high frequency) driver is made of pure titanium and is integrated with Elliptical Oblate Spheroidal, providing low distortion and smooth frequency response. Their hinge mounting systems with low diffraction allow directing the high frequencies in the right direction. Without the diffraction that is inherent in traditional tweeters. The crossover with a steep slope provides a natural sounding midrange and increases the sound coverage area.

As with all Control Contractor systems, the grilles and front walls of these two models can painted to match an interior decor.

All in all, the JBL wall speakers are sound products that come at a reasonable price. Consider comparing the available models using reviews and ratings, and you will find the best wall speaker by JBL.

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