Nintendo Switch Lite: Complete review

You won’t know if you need it until you hold it in your hand. The portability of the switch has got a lot better with this update and makes the portable console thing handier. Compared to the original Nintendo Switch, the switch lite is only an inch smaller, but that one inch makes a lot of difference. It’s smaller size factor, and lighter weight makes it more handy and more of a portable device. You do not have to buy dedicated cases or carry around an extra bag for the switch as Switch lite is pretty smaller than the original one that you can carry it in your pocket the same as a mobile phone.

The body and touch screen

The plastic body feels like a reliable kind of plastic, and the matte finish provides a better grip. Switch lite feels like a toy when in hand because of the plastic. A better grip was kind of what we expect out of small size, but what surprised us how the way we use switch changed with the change in size. Operators never used the touch screen in the Nintendo switch, but while using lite, we doubt that. It is so easy to reach the screen, which makes the use of the touch screen more comfortable. Using the switch got hard with the size, but Switch lite is pretty handy and easy to use as you can hold the device in one hand while using the other on the screen. You can get a great discount on electronic items online using paytm offers.

One could not use the Switch in any position that made it feel the same as playing on a computer, and that takes all of the fun away. Playing on the lite is much easier as you won’t need any chair or table. The whole gaming experience changed with a little change in the design and made it a lot better. They even changed the layout a bit as well as making the gaming experience easy. You do not have to use your thump in a weird way to access a pair of buttons because they changed the layout n such a way that you chill out while playing.

What could be better?

The manufacturers missed out on providing a high-quality display. 2019 has been the year of better and better screens with high sharpness and high resolutions, but the lite missed the mark by a low quality 720 pixels display, which is quite noticeable while playing any game. Switching between your phone and Switch lite will make you feel wrong about the lite because of the low-quality video. Also, the games on Switch were designed to be played on a larger screen, so that makes a bit of sense now.

Along with that, it is not compatible with Bluetooth devices, so you cannot use the headsets that support Bluetooth. So if you are going out, carry a pair of Bluetooth earphones with your phone and a wired one for your switch lite. That adds shame to it. None of the c type earphones worked as well. Coming to the real downside, you cannot dock it do a tv making it less of a Nintendo switch.


People had a lot to say about the hardware used for the lite, but Nintendo used the same hardware making the Nintendo lite the same as the original one without compromising the performance and gaming experience. But a hardware device was missing from the motherboard, the one that allows the docking with the tv.

The manufacturers also used the same cooling system in the device, keeping it cool while playing and charging at the same time. All the manufacturers had to say about Switch lite was that they were focused on portability and nothing else. The battery life is pretty good as it works for four hours while playing massive games and double of that while playing the lighter ones. You can apply for Flash Animator Jobs to know about this field.

Final Verdict

Switch lite is fantastic, but a few things could make it better like a better screen with more sharpness in the quality, better buttons, and obviously the ability to switch. You can skin on any other problem, but the docking of the device to the tv is a must; otherwise, it is much better than the regular one.

The original Switch is right too, but it is so under powered for a living room console, and the joy com controllers were not that good as they could be, but the lite’s laser focus on portability made it a lot better. With a reasonable cost of two hundred dollars, you can play any game, making it the best portable console. With a bit of modification, it can be a lot better, but whatever it is now is better than what they were before.

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