HELP! – My Tweens Room is a Warzone 2 VPN

Tweens bedrooms have a reputation for looking like utter chaos. The mass of clothing and papers littering the floor can cause frustration for any parent. Most tweens are very busy running from one activity to the next and tend to just “drop and go”. They have also accumulated an assortment of items over the years, and may not be ready to part with them. Let’s not forget their growing independence and the need for a private space all attribute to the bedroom “Warzone 2 VPN“.

If you chose to read this article, I’m betting that you struggle with this issue on a weekly basis. You are not alone in this battle, so don’t throw in the towel yet. If you can find a way to involve your tween and keep it simple. There is hope for maintaining a room you can both live with.

Now that you are ready to tackle this area, remember to allow your tween to personalize their own space. Ask them what is important for them to keep, and what items can be tossed or packed away. The less they have to clutter the room, the better. Provide a simple organization system. The more complicated the system, the less likely your teen will use it.

Speaking of closets, have you noticed how inefficient the typical one rod/one shelf closet is? The area left under the rod is a colossal waste of prime real estate in your child’s bedroom. If you give these tips a try, you can maximize the closet space to store more than just clothing.

  • Break up larger areas into smaller ones by adding shelves, baskets, and an additional clothes rod to double the hanging space.
  • Utilize the inside of the closet or bedroom door for either an accessory board made out of cork, or a pocket organizer for the small items that tend to disappear in the chaos.
  • The top shelf is ideal for storing memorabilia or seasonal clothing. Use labeled bins with lids to keep these items free of dust.
  • Install hooks on the wall for their hoodies, packs, and clothing that they can’t be bothered to hang in the closet.

The study area can also become a dumping ground for papers, supplies, electronics, and clothing. If you want to create a space your tween will actually use for schoolwork, take a peek at these helpful tips.

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