Effective Ways To Boost Your Chance Of Winning At EuroMillions

Want to win the EuroMillions this week? Then this post is for you!

The biggest jackpot win in the UK was won by Chris Weir and Colin Weir back in 2011. If you want to join the list of UK’s most luxurious lottery winners, you need more than a few strategies.


Here are some of the best tips from mathematicians and statisticians from around the world for increasing your chances of bagging the big win –


  1. Do Not Spread Out The Numbers Evenly


Records show that clubbing the numbers together may increase your chances of winning the lottery. You may feel the temptation to spread the numbers around smoothly, but that will dilute your chances of hitting the EuroMillions jackpot.


Whenever possible, extend your numbers up to 50. Most people opt for birthdays and anniversary days. So they pick numbers lower than 30. Picking numbers up to 50 will increase your chances of not having to share the prize money.


  1. Think About Playing Online


Did you know? In 2018, more than 122.5 million pounds (INR 11,46,82,90,750) remained unclaimed due to misplaced tickets. If you do not want to lose your ticket, think about playing online. When online, you can pay via credit or debit card.


You may never lose another winning ticket, especially since you will receive immediate notifications if you win. Keeping track of winning numbers is easier than you think via mobile phones.


iii.        Pick A Mix Of High And Low Numbers


Some swear by a combination of odd and even numbers, but most people shy away from is a mix of high and low numbers. EuroMillions involves numbers from 1 to 50.


Numbers from 1 to 25 are the low-half, and 26 to 50 are the high-half. The probability of all-high or all-low numbers winning the EuroMillions is only 3%. On the other hand, a combination of 3-high and 2-low, and 2-high and 3-low occurs around 68% of the time.


  1. Learn To Play A Balanced gGame


After picking your combination of five numbers, add them and ensure that their sum is between 95 and 160. Most amounts within that range represent 70% of the winning EuroMillion Red Balls 5-number sets.


When picking the numbers, think about including a number from the last drawing. There is a 43% chance of a repeat hit from the previous draw.


  1. Do Not Chase Longshot Numbers


When a number has been due for 20 or so games, picking it up might entail a long wait. For example, in the New York Lotto, the number 45 sat hit after 100 drawings.


However, if the number is exempt from 70 or more drawings, there is a good chance of hitting it in the next couple of draws. Longshot numbers are only worth chasing if they have not come up in a large number of draws.


Following these five simple tips can increase your chances of winning the EuroMillions in the next few months.

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