Cricket shows the coordination between the team players

Coordination is very important in Cricket. Every player needs to play in team. If any player not play in team so team has very high chances to lose the match. It’s the game of bringing together. They have needs to understand each other for the coordination. They have practice together at all time so they will play good and play with each other. This is very essential for them. They have to understand the strength and weakness of own team players. When they are on court the coordination is strength of team. When bowler bowls then keeper, bowler and other player needs perform together. It all things help to win the match.

Importance of captain in team

                                                Each team has 11 players. This game is played between two teams. Every team has their captain to make plans and lead the game. Captain plays an important role in team and he is responsible for every action take at the time of match. It is very difficult to handle all players because all the pressure is on captain and it becomes very important to be calm when there is very less chances of winning. Captain has to do different tasks in game and also have to understand the strategy of other team to make win much easy. Every player plays to win but captain have to know which player is best for batting and which player is best for bowling. Captain has to arrange the entries of player to confirm the winning. Captain knows all the abilities of every player and also knows how to use their abilities.

Role of extra player in team

                                            Extra player pays an important role in cricket because it helps to play match while any other player injured while playing. It helps to win the match at that time otherwise teams have to lose one wicket and chances of losing increased. So it is why every team has an extra player to get benefits of him when other player injured badly. Any player can be injured while playing that`s why it is allowed to have an extra player in team. There are very less chances when extra player needs to play but it is a big relief for team when they have an extra player to play the game. It is very useful and team can depend on extra player when he is on pitch to play. Cricket is an interesting games and people like it very much.

Role of empire in cricket

Empire takes decision for in cricket match related scores and run out. Every player has to follow all the decisions of empire. If any dispute happen between teams regarding cricket match at that time empire can decide who is right. Everyone has to agree with empire decision. Empire has show all sign in match like four runs, six runs, no ball, white ball, etc. He always takes right decisions. You can visit our website to know more about it:

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