Can liberty Prime be destroyed in fallout

I literally cannot believe you just asked that question. Did you even play Fallout 3?!? What happens to Liberty Prime? He gets destroyed. And if he can’t be destroyed why the hell do the Brotherhood of Steel have to fix him in the first place? And he was destroyed in the game again too. Completely and utterly destroyed. I can’t believe you…


But if you’re asking how I would do it that’s a completely different matter. Basically I wouldn’t be able to without military or nuclear equipment. You can nuke Liberty top, and that’d sort him out pretty quick. Or just sheer numbers. As one man once said, you can defeat any enemy with numbers as long as you consider most of them disposable.


Or maybe a Scorchbeast Queen night give him a run for his money, as would the Imposter Sheepsquatch.


Liberty Prime is marked as essential in the game files for both Fallout 3 and 4. This means that it cannot be killed or destroyed during normal gameplay.

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In Fallout 3, the only way for Liberty Prime to be destroyed is the scripted event sequence in the Broken Steel DLC, where it’s hit by an Enclave Orbital Strike. Other than this scripted event, Liberty top does not have a death animation or ragdoll physics; meaning that even if you managed to destroy it with console commands, it would merely stand motionless.


In Fallout 4, Liberty Prime cannot destroyed at all. In the Institute ending, you instead upload a virus to the robot, making it take down the Prydwen. Liberty Prime will then stand around the wreckage for the rest of the game. It does, however, have an unused death animation, unlike Fallout 3.


Technically yes, Liberty top can killed, however, the game glitches out and the ragdoll physics for Liberty top don’t exist.


Also, just because you can doesn’t mean it’s easy. Liberty Prime has FIVE MILLION HEALTH. Oh, and if you kill liberty top somehow, the Brotherhood of Steel becomes hostile.

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