Buy Steroids – Can HGH Supplements Help Build Muscle?

Buy Steroids: Is it possible? Is it safe? These are the questions you maybe asking yourself once you have learnt about the many, many benefits of HGH. Benefits of high levels of this amazing and complex multi peptide chain hormone produced by the pituitary gland in the centre of the brain include, but are not limited to the following:-

Conversion of body fat to muscle mass

Growth of all tissues

Energy level

Tissue repair

Whole body healing

Cell replacement

Bone strength

Brain function

Sexual function

Organ health and integrity

Enzyme production

Integrity of hair, nails, skin and vital organs

That’s right. The benefits of human growth hormone are huge and this hormone influences so many processes within your physiology. Now, when you are young in your teens your body is pumping out growth hormone like never before, and will not be produced in those levels again as you age. By the time you reach 60 years of age, you will be producing around 75% less human growth hormone than when you were 15 years old. Many have asked the question – is this why our body’s age and degenerate? And if that is the case, if we could keep levels of human growth hormone high as we age, would we actually age in quite the same way?

Well that’s an interesting thought. Synthetic nature identical recombinant human growth hormone was only actually successfully synthesised in 1986 by a pharmaceutical company called Eli Lilly and their synthetic version was named Humatrope and is still no the market today. In these regards studies on synthetic human growth hormone have only been in existence for a very short period of time, however, empirical studies have shown that application of synthetic human growth hormone is increased muscle mass, decreased bodyfat, increased energy levels, increased sex drive and decreased aches, pains and degenerative diseases it would seem.

Bodybuilders tend to be avid users of synthetic human growth hormones these days, and are a good example to look upon as to what the effects of human growth hormone are. Human growth hormone is the term that is typically used to describe synthetic growth hormone, as naturally occurring human growth hormone is referred to as human growth hormone, or, HGH. That’s the main difference you read about online.

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