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Lisa Olson is the author of ACIM and truly a remarkable woman. Lisa Olson is now a certified nutritionist, health consultant and most importantly a mom. For fourteen years she battled with her own infertility, she eventually won the battle using all natural techniques. She is a truly inspiring woman and has become an angel to countless couples who she has helped possess the greatest gift of all, a baby.

Like so many woman all over the world Lisa struggled to conceive and was told that she would never be able to get pregnant and have that baby she so desperately wanted. She and her husband continued to try but time after time they were met with disappointment. This constant heartache put the relationship under immense strain, and constant tension with the two parties blaming each other.

Lisa was determined that she would be successful, and so started her fourteen year battle with infertility. She visited doctors, surgeons, gynaecologists and herbalist none of which were able to give her the answer to her prayers. She decided to take back control and seek the answers herself. She conducted an immense amount of research on the causes and cures of infertility, she read over 600 medical journals, books and scientific research. She conducted interviews with doctors and women experiencing infertility. She became a self-made expert in the field of infertility.

She used herself as a human guinea pig trying herbs, supplements, diets, “magic pills” and aligning her cycle to lunar phases. And for 14 years she was unsuccessful. Finally, she did it she got pregnant! Needless to say she was elated. This was not just luck, she was able to conceive not once but three times (one pregnancy ended in a miscarriage) and give birth to two healthy and happy children.

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