A Spiritual Movies Retreat

Everyone needs a spiritual retreat now and then. A Spiritual Movies retreat is more than just a vacation.

A typical vacation may leave you feeling more burned out than when you left – often from rushing back and forth while trying to squeeze as many sites of interest as possible into a short timeframe.

A true spiritual vacation on the other hand is a retreat from all the hustle and bustle. A time for renewal and regeneration of spirit, mind and body.

With the goal in mind of renewal there are a number of spiritual retreats that you can do – from two hours to two weeks or longer depending on how much time you choose to make. (notice I didn’t say depending on how much time you can spare – with the hectic schedules these days many folks don’t believe they have any spare time. So, make the time…) 🙂

What is Your Idea of the Ultimate Spiritual Retreat?

Part of the fun of a spiritual retreat is the planning stage. Think about what would relax and regenerate You. Incorporate things or events into the plan that will accomplish this.

A spiritual retreat might be something that you want to do alone. Alone you’ll find more time for contemplation and far less distractions.

On the other hand, there are groups that get together to make spiritual pilgrimages, attend motivational functions and the like. These too are beneficial.

Here are some suggestions for a spiritual vacation that can be a time of healing and renewal.

1) Go to a place that represents spiritual power for you

2) Immerse yourself in a place of natural beauty – i.e., Sedona, Chaco Canyon, Yellowstone, any wilderness area, or beach area, etc. You can swim with the dolphins in many parts of the world, including Hawaii, where you can even lodge with other group members.

3) Take along meditation, relaxation, motivational audios, etc… Maybe set aside a 2-4 hour time period where you just relax and absorb the motivational messages or simply relax and give your mind time to rest.

4) Take a hike. Walk on a beach – let the sound of the waves soothe your mind and the ocean air revitalize your body.

5) Go on an actual Vision Quest. There are many organizations that will take care of all the planning, you just show up and head into a secluded spot in the wilderness.

6) Conquer a fear. Think of something you fear doing and do it.

7) Be silent for a day. Next to impossible for many…

8) Do something you’ve never done. Go somewhere you never been. Maybe combine both!

Make Everyday a Spiritual Retreat

The list of spiritual things that you can do that can refresh your mind, body and soul are endless. As you think of things that you can do on a spiritual retreat why not also realize that many of these same things you can do without going on “vacation.”

Why not bring nature into your home? Fill it with plants that revitalize your air and spirit. Add waterfalls indoor and out to get your life flowing in the right direction.

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