A Course In Miracles for Weight Loss by Robert O Young PhD

A Course In Miracles: Losing weight is probably one of the biggest challenges that many people have to go through today. Why so? This is because weight loss is not just a physical challenge but an emotional and mental feat as well. Today, people are now given a wide array of weight loss regimens that they can choose from. But unfortunately, not all of them are as effective as they claim to be.

So if you are now looking for a real and honest-to-goodness solution, then the best person to turn to is Robert O. Young, Ph. D. Robert Young is a medical doctor who has dedicated his career to finding the best possible ways to lose weight effectively and safely. Robert Young believes that weight loss in not a one time thing but should involve a total change in lifestyle and even in the way you view your life. Now he shared his knowledge with a book called The pH Miracle for Weight Loss.

In The pH Miracle for Weight Loss, Robert Young educates readers on the importance of maintaining proper pH in the body. The human body in general functions at a very narrow pH range, around 7.36- 7.44. It is very important to maintain these values because much if not all of the biological processes in the body only operates in such pH ranges. Go outside these values and certain organs and physiological processes may cease to function. But because the body is a closed system, human have efficient and effective mechanisms on maintaining this very narrow range.

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